This Markus Linnenbrink Commission is Unconventional

Artist Markus Linnenbrink was recently commissioned to ply his trade at the Justiz Vollzugs Anstalt prison near Düsseldorf, Germany. Linnenbrink's radiant, dripping painting scheme is about the last thing that comes to mind when most people think of a prison, however, Justiz Vollzugs Anstalt is not a typical prison; it is a "model institution," according to the artist.

Linnenbrink's task was to paint the visitor's tunnel in a manner which would distinguish the facility from the common connotations the word prison evokes.

Linnenbrink leads visitors -- family, lawyers and police -- down the the corridor with long streaks of color, all perfectly straight were it not for the way each bar of color drips into the one below it. In short, Linnenbrink encourages viewers to stay on the strait and narrow.