The LifeEdited Home is a True Testament to Minimalist Luxury Living

 - Apr 2, 2018
References: lifeedited & fastcompany
Graham Hill and his group LifeEdited have been proponents of small living for quite some time and their new LifeEdited home showcases the best of off-grid living in a wide-open property in Maui. The space was created as a means to show that a home does not need to be huge, as the compact 1,000-square-foot home is easily able to function as a space twice its size. Complete with an array of adjustable furniture and sliding walls, this Maui home can comfortably sleep eight people in four bedrooms that can also convert to offices and host a party for 20.

The off-grid LifeEdited home utilizes solar panels hooked up to battery storage to provide 100% of the home’s energy. The roofs and gutters funnel rainwater into a 15,000-gallon tank for reuse and the toilets compost waste instead of flushing it away. The hope of the LifeEdited home is to show the how luxury living can become sustainable and minimalist, as well as demonstrate how compact homes can be more than just a fad.