Create a Splash with These Quirky Leisure Diving Captures

 - Jul 20, 2011
References: & buzzfeed
Forget planking and owling, the new trend to take the internet by storm is leisure diving. It’s hard to deny that these photos are much harder to snap than the previous trends, but it’s well worth it because leisure diving pictures are hysterical.

While snapping photos of people while they’re doing mundane things like reading a magazine or enjoying a cup of coffee doesn’t exactly make for great entertainment, photos of them doing these things while plunging through the air into a pool of water certainly is.

The idea is simple: dive into a pool but remain calm and composed as you pose for a picture before hitting the water. The brains behind this prank are New Yorkers John Lewis and Alex Scott, who launched the website, on July 1st.

"The leisure dive speaks to a person who is extreme and yet relaxed," explain Lewis and Scott. "Is this as stupid as it sounds? Yes, perhaps more. We’re very excited about it."

Who can blame them?