Economic Fallout Creates Las Vegas Underground Tunnels

 - Jan 9, 2010   Updated: Aug 15 2011
References: beneaththeneon & environmentalgraffiti
This gallery of images depicts the life (or something close to it) that is inhabiting Las Vegas underground tunnels. Some having become victims of recent economic fallout, these Sin City survivalists have made themselves an urban underground community in over 200 miles of labyrinthine tunnels.

Lost in a world where everything is do it yourself, not all of the inhabitants have been adversely affected by the economy, some have simply given up on society or vice versa.

Implications - Not everyone is living the glitz and glamor so often associated with the Las Vegas lifestyle. Victims of the current economic climate are inhabiting the pipe tunnel stems that run below the city's famous strip, desperately scouring for residual coins from slot machines and hoping to make ends meat.