The Kytephone App Turns

 - Jun 14, 2012
References: kytephone & gizmag
Since younger children are getting cell phones these days, the Kytephone app was designed to turn a traditional phone into one that is more kid-friendly.

After downloading the app, only the parent who installed it can remove it due to a password being assigned at the installation phase. Using a dashboard program that operates on the computer, the parent of the tech-savvy child can control all of the activity that takes place on the phone. Contacts and apps are only able to be uploaded using the dashboard and file sharing from the handset is disabled. The dashboard also provides a detailed listing of all of the activity that took place on the phone so parents can monitor their child's phone use.

The app also includes a GPS tracking system that alerts parents to the whereabouts of their child's phone so that they are able to keep tabs on their kids from afar.