10 Celebs Easting Burgers, Fries and Other Grease

 - Sep 2, 2008
References: trendhunter
Kelly Ripa is one of many celebrities who turn eating junkfood into a public spectacle. Recently, at Grilling With the Stars, Kelly Ripa ravenously tore into a hamburger, ensuring fans could see that she was clearly not on any type of diet.

Other celebrities have flaunted their public love of junk food too, perhaps to make a statement that they don’t have eating disorders, despite what tabloids may say.

When asked about diet secrets, Gisele Bundchen said she’s a devout burger lover. "I like meat, real meat. It’s delicious," she was quoted.

Other skinny celebrities who have been seen eating junk food voraciously in front of the camera include Heidi Klum, who is the face of McDonald’s in Germany, Paris Hilton, who backed Carl’s Jr., and Nicole Richie who chowed down on junk food with the heiress on the Simple Life as well as in countless paparazzi shots. Perhaps one of the most famous images are candid photos of Hilary Swank shoving an enormous burger in her mouth wearing her Oscar gown post Academy Awards.

The gallery shows Kelly Ripa at the Grilling With The Stars event, as well as a few of the forementioned celebs.

It must be hard or celebs; on the one hand, they’re criticized for micromanaging their diets and scrutinized for being too thin. By eating junk food in public, they appeal more to people who think dieting is ridiculous. On the other hand, celebrities should be endorsing positive habits, so when Kelly Ripa is seen woofing down a burger, it could send the message that junk is OK.