Another Celebrity Tape Hits the Internet

 - Jan 18, 2007
References: postchronicle
She's massive in the UK as the current flava of the moment- Page 3 model Keeley Hazell (as pictured here in a classic pod chair) has actually dominated men's magazines all over the world and while she's considered to be rather hot property atm, she probably didn't really want THIS kind of publicity when she woke up this morning. Yup, the latest "celeb" to get struck by "the ex lover with a camcorder" disease, looks like Keeley's showing more of her talents than she probably would want all over the internet. Although I have to admit, the whole sex tape thing is starting to get a lil boring- and it's showing how we as a society are becoming more and more desensitized to the whole voyeuristic "lets see what they do behind closed doors" thing because it's looking as though everyone's doing it.

Given the nature of her work though, i doubt it will really harm her ability or rep..