Kaija Straumanis Gets Hit in the Head with Different Objects

In these incredible and funny action pictures, photographer Kaija Straumanis captures herself getting hit in the face with random objects.

While these objects may knock her glass askew and cause her face to ripple, Kaija Straumanis's expression remains as stoic as ever. It doesn't matter if the item is a dodge ball, boot, scraper, glass, book, or even a pumpkin, Kaija Straumanis refuses to flinch and in one instance even continues to read her book. In order to have these shots properly framed Kaija Straumanis does require some assistance, like from her mother who helped her out with the pumpkin shoot.

When you look at Kaija Straumanis's photographs of her getting hit in the head, you can't help but want to scream out "heads up!" Such is the visceral reaction one gets from her photographs.