Online Version of the Truman Show

 - Mar 31, 2007
References: justin is best described as an online version of The Truman Show.

So who is he? Justin is a web entrepreneur who has attached a web cam to his head which follows every moment of his day. And I mean everyhing - sleeping and bathroom included.

The video is streamed across a mobile network, and onto his site. There is also Internet Relay Chat on the site used by viewers to discuss what Justin is up to. The live chat is brilliant - recently viewers laughed at his female companion's clothing, commenting her jacket. They also urged Justin to 'tell her to shut up already'. The site also shows his diary so you can even log in for specific events, such as when Justin goes on dates!

Justin has been filmed 24 hours a day for over a week. After securing sponsorship - from a soft drink company whose products will appear from time to time - he has no plans to stop just yet. Justin's mobile number is also posted on his website so his 'fans' can interact with him. Its a million times better than Celebrity Big Brother and no annoying Davina. Be warned its also very very addictive.

Justin we salute you!