This Jos Kottmann Series is Glamorous and Graceful

 - Jun 4, 2012
References: fashionserved
In his recent series 'PASSIONEE,' Rotterdam, Netherlands-based fashion photographer Jos Kottmann depicts three models, Sarah Warnaar, Annelous Kist, and Linda Visser, as adorned in clothing from Fred Van Leer and with hair and makeup styled by Francis Schroembges and Zizi Heijmans, respectively.

The team has created looks that are reminiscent of the styles of old Motown Divas. This is seen in the big, luscious hairstyles and the glamorous but suggestive clothing the models wear. The outfits don't shy away from showing some skin but they don't use sultriness as a gimmick either.

From flowing frocks to tussled coifs, every element in the series comes together to create an impressive finished product. Of course, the stylists and designers deserve much credit, but their work would be unseen if not for the impeccable photography of Joss Kottmann.