Gloss & Boss is a Job Site for Women With Unconventional Work Journeys

 - Mar 8, 2017
References: glossandboss & springwise
This job site for women aims to help those with non-traditional career paths, such as long leaves. Gloss & Boss is a French platform that caters to female candidates and helps them compete in the job market by leveraging their atypical experiences.

Instead of sticking to a standard CV format, the job site for women encourages those re-entering the workforce to use a more informal approach and share their story in hopes of catching the attention of employers who might regularly overlook resumes with holes. Instead of focusing on dates, job seekers emphasize skills and leverage their experiences. Gloss & Boss Founder Sabine Peters says "The site is aimed at women with a wealth of experience in their professional and personal lives, some of whom have followed their spouses for an expatriation and have become bilingual or even trilingual."