Jeremy Gutsche The Pitch

 - Sep 16, 2011
References: bnn & watch.bnn
Many aspiring entrepreneurs have the ability to birth a great idea; however, not all of them possess the skill and business savvy to not only bring the idea into fruition, but to do so successfully. This is where BNN's show The Pitch comes in, providing start-ups a chance to present their ideas to a panel of financial experts. Our Chief Trend Hunter Jeremy Gutsche is a judge on this panel, providing hopeful innovators with insight gleaned from his own personal experience.


Products presented in this episode of The Pitch address two important issues: the spreading of harmful bacteria in everyday life and auto protection. First to face the panel is Richard Downey, president of TodCo Innovation and inventor of The Immobilizer. The Immobilizer is made with affordable anti-theft in mind, providing a way for car owners to ensure their vehicle is protected regardless of whether its on or off. Targeted to used car owners, Downey's product is much more DIY and user-friendly than the technical anti-theft systems in place with today's modern vehicles.

Second to face the panel is Doug Olson who, after years of working with salt as a preservation material, has crafted the Outbreaker as a means to cease the spread of bacteria. Ultimately, the Outbreaker is a salt-based cover for things like door knobs or toilet handles. It lasts up to 6 years, making the Outbreaker much more cost-effective than hand sanitizer. Though neither companies received a full thumbs up from the panel, both were given a detailed outline of the ideal next steps toward success.