The Lavin Agency:Jeremy Gutsche And EXPLOITING CHAOS Featured

Representing Jeremy Gutsche as a keynote speaker, The Lavin Agency has jumped on the EXPLOITING CHAOS bandwagon featuring one of their "most requested speakers" and his breakout book.

The Lavin Agency is one of North America’s largest speakers bureaus and notes Gutsche as "a creative, globe-roaming individual with a broad appeal that stretches from The Economist, which uses him as a source, to MTV, which places him at ‘the forefront of cool.’"

If you are interested in seeing Jeremy, below is a listing of his next events:

Date Location

Sep 11 Toronto
Sep 19 Toronto
Sep 24 Boston
Sep 28 Toronto
Sep 30 Toronto
Oct 2 Boston
Oct 5 Las Vegas
Oct 7 Austin
Oct 8 Detroit
Oct 12 Chicago
Oct 24 Victoria
Oct 27 Banff
Nov 4 Calgary
Nov 6 Scottsdale
Nov 24 Vancouver
Jan 20 Calgary
Apr 21 Calgary
Apr 22 Vancouver