Jeremy Gutsche Keynote

 - Jul 4, 2012
References: ctvnews
As a MBA, CFA, CEO of Trend Hunter and one of the most sought-after innovation keynote speakers on the planet, Jeremy Gutsche is able to discuss everything from the housing bubble to the recent 4,000% increase in Pinterest users. Today, Gutsche sits with the folks at CTV News to discuss the Manchester United IPO and Toronto Crime Stoppers app.

Considering almost half of the Manchester United's fan base is in the Asian Pacific, most would assume the English soccer champions would go with an Asian listing. According to the Globe and Mail, however, United opted for the New York Stock Exchange for its market debut, causing controversy and, in many cases, straight-up confusion. The Globe and Mail reports that Jay Ritter, a University of Florida IPO expert, feels that, "It remains to be seen how much the football club is going to benefit in the U.S. where the sport is not very popular ... The perfect place for it to have listed should have been London."

The world of British athletics is not the only one seeing controversy today, with the Toronto police releasing an app for the city's Crime Stoppers program. The app will enable Toronto residents to report crimes, record photographic or video evidence, and generally interact directly with the world of crime stopping. According to the Toronto Star, this app is created with the hope of helping citizens report crime anonymously. Many social media experts, including keynote speaker Jeremy Gutsche, can agree that this is great of use of modern technological mediums and their readiness -- the risks of this app, however, have yet to be seen.