Jeremy Gutsche Cbc

 - Mar 20, 2013
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Being a member of the Boomer generation doesn't mean what it used to -- especially not in the information age. What was once perceived as a group of exhausted "old people" is, in fact, history's largest, wealthiest generation, and in 2013, they want to live like it. From granny glam photo shoots to tablets for Boomers, microtrends on Trend Hunter serve as tangible proof of the Baby Boomer uprising. Our Chief Trend Hunter Jeremy Gutsche has even discussed the topic in-depth during his culture keynote speech. He hooked up with CBC to discuss the Boomer revolution for the aptly named documentary 'Boomer Revolution.'


Born in the early 60s, Baby Boomers are currently of retiring age and thus, are reverting back to the fun-loving, free-spirited, hippie-inspired behavior of their youth. They vacation to exotic places, enjoy social media and party like it's 1975. Considering they also currently have the most buying power of any other generation, this has huge business implications regardless of what industry you're in.