JBS Mens Underwear Ads

 - Mar 9, 2008
References: andco.dk
You know what, forget David Beckham and his Armani briefs, next time I go shopping I am getting JBS underwear! Their men's underwear campaign keeps rolling super hot ads. And the concept must be working really well, because we have more sexy practically naked girls acting like guys with the same tagline "Men don't want to look at naked man.” My absolute favorite is the 'masturbation' shot, where the girl's underwear is rolled down at her feet and she lays blissfully after 'taking care of buisness' with some used tissues next to her feet. A scenario most guys are very familiar with. Other concepts include reading a magazine on the toilet and having beer with the cereal for breakfast. Ads are by "& Co", Denmark Advertising Agency (thanks guys, keep up the good work!!)

I also included a couple of the first ads (shaving and rugby). Just because I am a giver...

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