Jason deCaires Taylor Creates the Remains of a Modern Day Atlantis

Looking like the remnants of an ancient civilization, Jason deCaires Taylor's underwater sculptures are brilliantly evocative and artfully arranged. The Britain-born artist has become famous for his submerged artwork in areas such as the coast of Mexico, the Bahamas, and the West Indies.

Using eco-friendly concrete, Jason deCaires Taylor creates compelling figures engaged in some sort of everyday activity -- desk work, driving, crying, etc. -- and places them underwater. The art continues to grow and evolve as the marine life incorporates the sculptures into the ecosystem, turning them into habitats for coral reef and other aquatic animals.

The location of the art endows it with a sense of the lost and forgotten. Like a modern day Atlantis, in light of rising sea waters and global warming these figurines take on an almost eerie prophetic element.