Jared Andrew Schorr's Papercuts Collection is "Pulpably" Perfect

 - May 26, 2011
References: jaredandrewschorr
Catch a quick glimpse of this stunning series of images and you may believe that they are computer-generated, painted or drawn; however, take a closer look and you'll be amazed to discover the delicate detail that goes into each piece.

Artist Jared Andrew Schorr's 'Papercuts' collection is a series of intricate images which, believe it or not, are purely paper. These cutting-edge creations are comprised of various layers of colored paper that have been carefully cut, and layered to create story-like scenes. Since the paper is layered, the images have a wonderful depth to them and pop right off the page. These crafty creations would bring bland blank walls to life and would make ordinary offices outstanding.

Jared Andrew Schorr's 'Papercuts' collection is amazing; this paper prodigy is definitely "note-orious" for "master-pieces" of paper.