Irina and Freja Kiss for Elle

 - Apr 10, 2008
References: fashionista
These images of two, young supermodels locking lips isn't from some dirty men's magazine; quite surprisingly, it's from the pages of Elle, one of the most respected, high end women's fashion magazines.

"They even have this image of Irina and Freja, still dressed from the Earth Pledge show, in a bit of a lip lock," Fashionista says of Elle.

The spread will be featured in the upcoming edition of the magazine which features Madonna on the front cover. Considering the buzz surrounding the material girl's new CD and music video, and the fact that there are "hot lesbians" in the publication, this magazine will probably sell like hot cakes!

Perusing the forums, it turns out some people disagree with that prediction.

"Freja looks like a skinny boy in this picture," one reader wrote. "Unless 'the guys' are really turned on by watching an androgynous figure kissing what looks like a dishevelled peasant girl, I'm going to guess that they're not going to get hot and bothered over this one."

Awesome commentary!