The iPad 2 Gold History Edition is the World's Most Expensive iPad

 - Mar 23, 2011
References: stuarthughes & bornrich
$8.5 million dollars might seem like a huge chunk of change so sink into a single tablet device, but then again something as extravagantly gaudy as the iPad 2 Gold History Edition by Stuart Hughes is definitely not for everyone.

From a company with a reputation for making some of the world’s most opulent bespoke products, it’s really no surprise to see Stuart Hughes taking the iPad 2 to the next level as well. What you won’t believe about the iPad 2 Gold History Edition, however, is that the unit’s opulent amount of diamonds (over 53 of them) and its extensive amount of 24 carat gold are not actually its most impressive feature.

Incredibly, the front frame of the iPad 2 Gold History Edition is made from 75-million-year old Ammolite that has been complimented with fragments of a 65-million-year old T-Rex thigh bone. Yes, you read that right.

To all competitors of Stuart Hughes: good luck topping that.