The Interview Russia September 2014 Dufort Photoshoot is Playful

The Interview Russia September 2014 editorial taken by photographer Johnny Dufort features faux fighting scenes. Models Katlin Aas, Nicolas Scheltens and Koen Eeckhout are found intertwined with one another, throwing fists and flower pots while standing in front of vintage backdrops.

Stylist Tom Van Dorpe contributed to the chaotic nature of this Interview Russia photoshoot. While the high fashion team flung themselves at one another, Dorpe dressed the men and women in metallic knee-length go-go boots, silver-hued hot pants, pin striped trousers and leather-lined dresses.

These pieces and ensembles make for an intriguing 1960s-inspired set, giving way to a throwback scene that will have much to offer for readers of the magazine this fall season. At the same time, modern elements seen in strap bras and army print undergarments cast the images forward.