Intel 45nm Processors Are Faster, Greener

 - Nov 14, 2007
References: gizmag
Intel has taken technology to a whole new level by revealing 16 new chips integrating 45nm Hafnium-based high-k metal gate transistors that are smaller, faster and more eco-friendly than earlier models.

"The new processors incorporate 420 million transistors for each dual core chip and 840 million transistors for each quad core chip - nearly double the transistor density of previous models," GizMag said. "The Intel Core 2 Extreme and Xeon processors are also the first to be manufactured on the 45 nanometer scale, further boosting performance and lowering power consumption."

"One factor that threatened to severely curtail the increase of processing power was the electricity leakage that plagued smaller transistors. Intel's new transistor formula not only alleviates this concern, but also eliminates ecologically harmful lead and, by 2008, halogen materials."

Intel always find innovative ways to design products, and are now focusing on their ability to eliminate ecologically harmful materials.