Skeletal Etchings by Ben Kruisdijk

 - Sep 4, 2008
References: benkruisdijk & benkruisdijk
Sometimes the most personal images can also be the most anonymous. The work of European artist Ben Kruisdijk makes this clear.

The things you get to see in his self called ‘röntgen etchings’ are very up close and personal. They feature the diseases and pains from people who visit hospitals, yet as it shows no more than their inner structures, the work's anonymity ensures you’ll never know who the person is... or was.

Etched into these strange but beautiful photos are other images, as if to say that these are the thoughts of the patient, or even the artist.

Perhaps these are the real diseases? Or are they something else altogether?

In the end this (see-through) body of work display the battle ground of the subjective and the objective, both captured in the image and both with a restless beauty.