An Innovative Culture Keynote by Jeremy Gutsche

 - Feb 12, 2013
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Award-winning author and innovation keynote speaker Jeremy Gutsche offers unique advice for his clients in his innovative culture keynote. Gutsche's philosophies stray far from the norm, especially for economic conditions as uncertain as they are today. Gutsche believes in the power of tearing down current structure and organization and starting from scratch. Breaking down hierarchy enables companies to realize the realities of market change and to adapt.

Gutsche's book 'Exploiting Chaos' -- which you can read for FREE here -- uses a case study of baboons to illustrate his point:

"Stanford neuroscientist Robert Sapolsky studies the social structure of baboons. More than 20 years ago, Sapolsky observed a baboon troop with multiple layers of structural rank. Socially senior baboons would beat on middle-ranking baboons.

But then something happened. The senior ranked males starting fighting a neighbor troop over tourist garbage. Eating trash exposed the aggressive males to tuberculosis-tainted meat. Instant karma.

Over the next three years, the elders died off, leaving the troop absent of structure. Instead of recreating multiple levels of aggressive hierarchy, the young baboons created a culture of pacifism. Acts of friendship replaces aggression.

Instead of struggling, the community flourished. Hormone samples indicated lower stress and the same culture remains 20 years later."

The story of the baboons demonstrates how organizational structure guides the way we grow and the way we think. To spark a revolution and evoke positive change, structure needs to be broken down.