Madonna's historic blow job from 1991

 - Feb 17, 2011
References: allaboutmadonna & vsmagazinelive
Getting your sexual education from your favorite celebrity must be the ultimate treat when you are a teenager. No?

This clip from the 1991 documentary following Madonna on her Blonde Ambition Tour shows Madonna performing a hot "blow job" on a bottle of mineral water during a Truth or Dare session with her tour group.

The leading international fashion site VSMAG.COM dug this out of the archive. I think it is past due we take a little look at how Madonna gives sexual education to the kids. And it wasn't the only time.. Who can forget the Madonna and Britney kiss on stage at the MTV awards?

Mind you she is a mother now, so the sexual lessons might be toned down a little now. Although you never know with Madonna she always seems to have a new trick up her sleeve, which is of course why we love her so.