The Ben & Jerry's Euphori Lock Protects Your Tub from Sticky Fingers

 - May 18, 2012
References: coolhunting & bitrebels
You're tired, you've had a long hard day at work and all you want to do is go home, put on the latest episode of Girls and indulge in some much deserved ice cream, everything is on course for a relaxing evening until you find out your room mate polished off the tub, if only you had the Ben & Jerry's Euphori Lock.

The Euphori Lock is an outrageously funny solution to what is apparently a common enough occurrence to warrant the invention of an ice cream lock. The gadget, which comes with a number combination, fits around most reasonably sized tubs of ice cream. The lock is perfect for room mates who don't trust each other or people who are trying to go on a diet -- simply ask a friend (with a good memory) to choose a combination and to never, no matter what, tell you what it is.