These Unorthodox Plates Are Hard To Digest.

 - Dec 7, 2012
References: store.streetanatomy & gizmodo
Medical illustrator Emily Evans has proven with her human tissue plates that even at a microscopic level, the human body is a beautiful thing. So what better way to appreciate this beauty than by dissecting and ingesting your next meal on such.

The human tissue plates feature four patterns which include thyroid, liver, esophagus and everyone’s favourite: testicle. The name of each design is printed below the plates which allows for a fun and educational eating experience. Maybe these designs will encourage better manners by deterring people from licking their plates clean.

Waiter, there's a human tissue on my plate!

Implications - The plates are sold out and this proves how popular nerdy science is as a trend right now. More companies should take advantage of this.