'How to Persuade and Get Paid ' is Available as an Audible Original

 - Feb 13, 2019
References: youtube & audible
International business speaker, sales coach, and author Phil M. Jones has released an Audible Original called ‘How to Persuade and Get Paid,’ a comprehensive sales workshop that shows listeners how they can make the most out of each opportunity. The release follows three other books from Jones', which he discussed with CEO Jeremy Gutsche after leading the Trend Hunter team through an in-depth workshop.

Throughout How to Persuade and Get Paid, Jones presents actionable takeaways in an entertaining light, making for an inspiring experience that leads listeners through everyday scenarios that they might encounter. Whether they’re a manager looking for new ways to lead their team, or an entrepreneur looking to launch their own brand, listeners benefit from the audiobook by learning how to improve their social interactions by utilizing the power of words.

With the audiobook format, listeners can learn from Jones’ teachings no matter how busy they are, and go back to specific chapters to relearn key points that they might find especially applicable. Many of these teachings are taken from the popular workshops that were first developed by Jones back in 2008, and then condensed and reformatted for the audiobook version to reach a greater audience. Through this accessible medium, listeners are placed in the center of what feels just like a live workshop.

Although Jones’ teachings are most closely tied to the art of sales, the persuasive speaking skills, and the understanding it provides listeners on how to connect to their customers, no matter who they are, is valuable to anyone looking to improve on both a personal and professional level.

The Audible-produced How to Persuade and Get Paid audiobook is now available for just $29.95, and Jones’ other works, ‘Exactly How to Sell,’ ‘Exactly What to Say,’ and ‘Exactly Where to Start’ are also available through Amazon.