Hollywood Manorexics Describes Men Hit By Eating Disorders

 - Jan 26, 2009
References: addictionary.org
Disease or trend? For years, being thin has been a trend for women in the entertainment industry, but anorexia is no longer an illness affecting Hollywood’s female celebs. Today, thin is in for Hollywood men as well. Anorexia among men has grown so increasingly popular, it has been given a new name, "manorexia."

Addictionary.org defines it as "A man who obsessively watches his weight and figure. Symptoms include, salad eating, carb counting, frequent trips to the scale and an unnatural knowledge of his weight at any given moment."

Carson Daily, John Mayer and Colin Farrell are rumored manorexics while others including Dennis Quaid have openly confessed that they have been trend followers.