Donnelyn Curtis Brings Dead Students to Life on Facebook

Donnelyn Curtis knows what students like, and is getting them interested in history using historical Facebook profiles.

Joe Mcdonald and Leola Lewis, who have both been dead for over forty years, have entered the social media world to give students a look into the world of college life back in the day. Donnelyn Curtis created profiles for the two complete with pictures, relationship information, movies, music, favorite activities and even status updates. All of their photos are in black and white and look like photos grandfathers could easily fit into. Curtis believes that making these historical Facebook profiles will make history more fun for students, and plans to create another profile for a friend of Joe Mcdonald who dropped out of school to go work in the mines.

Don't be alarmed when you come across Abe Lincoln's Facebook profile, as he isn't back from the dead, but just there for a history lesson.