The Hipster Nativity Set Gives the First Christmas a Modern Makeover

 - Nov 15, 2016
References: vimeo & modernnativity
Instead of bougie twinkle lights and predictable Christmas baubles, there is an exclusive holiday decoration on the market for those dedicated to adding a touch of personality to their home décor. While a nativity scene may not sound like the most original decoration, the Hipster Nativity Set gives the first Christmas an Instagram-worthy makeover that is guaranteed to rake in all the likes.

Merging an old world tale with new world sentiments, the Hipster Nativity Set puts a 21st Century spin to the birth of Jesus. In the center of the set is a manger complete with a khaki-clad Joseph and a Starbucks-clutching Mary. Like any modern couple, the two can be seen documenting their tale of Immaculate Conception – duck face and all – for their many followers to see. As expected, even baby Jesus is selfie-ready in his #ootd blue beanie

Of course, no nativity scene would be complete without the Three Wisemen and their generous gifts. However, instead of bringing frankincense, myrrh and gold, these style-savvy dudes clearly decided to ease their holiday shopping stress by hitting up Amazon Prime for the latest deals. Each gift-giver is also mounted atop a high-tech segue – which is clearly the cutely-free alternative to riding a camel.

Also in attendance is a young Shepard and his flock of popular animal influencers. Yet, this Shepard appears to be more interested in streaming the latest season of Stranger Things than tending to his sweater-clad sheep and 100% organic cow. Fortunately his indifference will not interfere with any dietary restrictions, as both animals have access to a trough filled to the brim with gluten-free feed that sits next to the solar panel-topped stable.

Together, each character plays a role in a retelling of the first Christmas that millennials will not only find painfully relatable, but will also be eager to share. This is not a problem as the standing pieces measure in at an Instagram-friendly seven inches tall and each character is crafted with the kind of detail that makes #nofilter necessary. As a result, this set is sure to last until it really does become the kind of vintage piece all counter culture-loving hipsters crave.

Just like an undiscovered indie band or a new brand of Fair Trade coffee, this modern day nativity set is the perfect find for the holiday season.

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Hipster Nativity Set from Allison Baker on Vimeo.