Is Heineken 'F_ck It' Commercial Tasteless?

 - Jul 9, 2008
References: adgabber
This Heineken commercial shows you the power of their beer. They claim it can sway the suicidal from finishing off their life. All for a taste of the irresistible Heineken. The commercial achieves all this with only two words, 'F'ck it'.

With the background music of John Lennon's 'Imagine', we see a depressed guy prepare the noose and step on a box to end his life. When he looks down at his feet before he takes the final plunge, he sees the logo of Heineken on the box.

The man now finds a reason to live, to drink another Heineken. He grabs a beer, looks back at the noose, then opens it with a 'F'ck it' and proceeds with his life.

I am sure some people and organizations will be all up in arms about the use of such a serious issue to sell beer, but I honestly think it's a harmless and witty ad.