LG's Heart Rate Earphones Sense Blood Flow Through Your Ears

 - May 14, 2014
References: lg & gizmag
LG's Heart Rate Earphones do pretty much what the name suggests, they let you listen to audio but also measure your heart rate. The earphones are equipped with PerformTek technology which delivers accurate pulse readings by sensing blood flow through your ear rather than say your wrist. Their primary function is of course to help you listen to music, and LG claims that these earphones offer excellent audio.

The Heart Rate Earphones come with a Bluetooth clip-on medallion that transmits data to connected smartphones. They are compatible with the LG Fitness app, which works with both iPhones and Android phones. They will also work with non-LG fitness apps such as MyFitnessPal, Runkeeper and MapMyFitness.

This unique product launches in the US on May 18, and will be introduced in Asian and European markets in the following days and weeks.