Hayneedle.com's 'For the Love of Home' Shows the Joys of Home

 - Nov 13, 2017
References: hayneedle & youtube
As far as Hayneedle.com sees it, what's special about furniture and decor isn't inherent in the items themselves. Rather, it's that those products come to represent one's home, and the home is a special place. In its recent commercial, 'For the Love of Home', Hayneedle.com illustrates the importance of the home in sentimental detail.

The ad begins with shots of bleak, empty public spaces at night: rain-soaked streets, a dreary office, and a silent grocery store. The shots then transition to glances at the happy home lives taking place despite the potentially depressing public areas, showing that home — and the people in it — is often far more pleasant than the rest of the world. The feel-good spot highlights the idea that people should opt for furniture and decor that they love nearly as much as home itself.