The Harper Smith 'Fashion Gone Rogue' Shoot is Bright and Boho-Chic

There is a certain level of demure sensuality held by some modern day female hipsters that is alluring to fellow members of the boho-tribe (as well as those outside of it), and in the Harper Smith 'Fashion Gone Rogue' shoot of Kelley Ash and Amanda Smith, that mysterious, lowkey hipster sex appeal is on full display.

The Harper Smith 'Fashion Gone Rogue' shoot features the Kelley Ash and Amanda Smith as two stylishly dishevelled women engaging in stereotypical California fun. Amanda Smith is gorgeous and revealing clad in a tasselled jean jacket and extremely short shorts, and Kelley Ash is powerfully sexy in an all-black loose top-short combination that is perfectly accentuated with a black top hat.

When the shoot moves to a dimly lit bedroom, the hot hipster aesthetic is complete -- the very professional Harper Smith 'Fashion Gone Rogue' shoot deftly takes a turn that makes the editorial look less pro and more candid, but perfectly conveys the aimless seduction gorgeous bohemian women are celebrated for.