Hanging Humans from Meat Hooks as Life-Affirming Experience

 - May 3, 2009
References: bmezine
Suspension is a cultural ritual that is on the extreme outer edges of the body modification scene. Hooks are attached to a person as temporary piercings; these hooks are then used to hang them in the air--much like cuts of meat in a butcher's window.

This ritual is said to have life affirming affects and change those which are troubled for the better--mental and physical preparation for suspension are of equal importance.

Depending on personal preference, there are several ways in which you can be hung, as you can see from the gallery. Each has their own name depending on the shape of the body during the ritual, like 'Superman' or 'Suicide.'

While this is something that should never be tried on your own, if people do find this a life-changing experience, who are we to say that they are wrong?