Wireless Bandits Set Up Free WiFi in Public Places

 - Jan 11, 2007   Updated: Apr 20 2011
References: wirelesstoronto
A group of hackers known as Wireless Toronto are setting up free WiFi throughout the city. Specifically, the group is setting up wireless access in public places during what they call, "Hack Nights". During the Hack Nights, the group gets together to build wireless equipment all with the good cause in mind.

Implications - One of their creations, called the WiFi Roach Coach, is a WiFi backpack that allows them to turn virtually any place into a hot spot. Wireless Toronto simply describes it as a "battery-powered WRT54GL and Rogers/Bell/Inukshuk pre-WiMax modem." A device like this is incredible and would probably be very useful, especially as society becomes more hooked on being online.