Sprint Firsts in Guerrilla Marketing

 - Sep 15, 2010
References: trendhunter
Pinball projections, interactive adult playgrounds and beamvertising. Today we hunt: PROJECTED PUBLICITY - Sprint firsts in guerrilla marketing.

Billboards and print ads are stepping out of the spotlight as large-scale projections on buildings in pedestrian-heavy areas take center stage within the marketing realm. Advertisers and big brands have experienced success working with such a low-cost, viral medium and this form of advertising is picking up major momentum.

And now, the Sprint Top Ten.

10. The Battersea Power Station was illuminated in the most nerdtastic way with large projections of Super Mario Galaxy 2. Where’s Luigi at?

9. This ‘Night Lights’ show made the streets an interactive playground. Bystanders had their chance to feel what it is like to be a few stories tall.

8. Sony headed to the Rochester Castle to promote the AC/DC ‘Iron Man 2.’ The result? The most amazing concert and light show ever seen. Rock on.

7. This ad from BMW dazzled bystanders with its epic proportions.

6. This Sony projection asks you to imagine football in 3D. If it looks anything like this, I’m getting a Sony TV asap.

5. Want to spread your opinion like wild fire? Do what this London company ‘Billbored’ does and fasten a projector to your car and go for a ride around the city. You’re sure to get noticed.

4. If you’re a Pac-Man fan, you should have seen this mindboggling display at the Kimberly Mapping Projections festival. This event displays an array of talented people’s efforts to make you feel as if you’re tripping out.

3. If you have a projector, anything is possible – even these impressive skateboarding moves.

2. The launch of Nokia Ovi Maps in London was celebrated by turning a building into a visually spectacular work of art. This is marketing innovation at its finest.

1. If you think this is a prisoner escaping from a jail, you’ve been had. This projection is courtesy of a few Belgium-based pranksters who wanted to give prison guards a good scare.

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