Mary-Anne Wensley's Grotesque Pig Intestine Art

 - Mar 13, 2009
References: smu & thecoast
The paper-thin substrate Mary-Anne Wensley uses for her sculptures could easily be mistaken for parchment, but no, Wensley uses a material that she finds both captivating and disgusting: dried pig intestines.

By hanging out store-bought sausage casings to dry, the pig intestines are transformed into a parchment-like substrate. This material has been transformed into tiny houses for her Brave New World exhibition and a larger shed-sized building made from over 2,700 pig intestine bricks for Wensley’s current Inescapeable Shelter show.

Wensley has no idea why she started working with pig intestines to create her art: "It’s almost like the material has chosen me," she says.