Gregory Colbert Capture a World Without Cruelty or Captivity

 - Jun 1, 2012
References: & mymodernmet
Canadian photographer Gregory Colbert beautifully captures the bond between human and animals through his 'Ashes in Snow' series.

Taking a 10-year hiatus from exhibiting his work, the photographer traveled the world's most exotic landscapes, such as Burma, Sri Lanka, India, Egypt and more. Through his journey, he took pictures of individuals interacting with animals as equals, not pets. The photographs tell a story a bonding, love, embrace and comfort.

Perhaps the most impressive aspect of these pictures is the lack of digital manipulation. Patience and passion have ensured that Colbert could truthfully illustrate a relationship that embraces a mutual respect for life as it exists within all living creatures. Cruelty, control and captivity have no place in these pictures, just as they should have no place anywhere in the world.