Trend Hunter is a Test Pilot

 - Feb 14, 2007
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Google Adsense is testing a new ad service called Adsense Video Distribution. Trend Hunter has been invited to be a test pilot, so if you are in the US, you should see a video ad towards the bottom of the front page... Check it out. If you are NOT from the US, then you won't be able to see anything.

Unfortunately, I am in Canada, so I only see the regular Google Ads and I can't tell if this is any good. Please add a comment to let me know your feedback.

Here are some of the detials:
* The pilot will run for 4 weeks, beginning Thursday February 8 through Thursday March 8. During this time, content providers will be creating new playlists with engaging, diverse, and relevant content for your site's audience. The content within a video playlist will be updated regularly, ensuring freshness of content and improved response from your users.
* You may display a video channel in addition to the maximum 3 ad units per page. We recommend creating new content space for the video channel rather than making any changes to your current AdSense ad implementation.
* You are allowed to include one instance of the video player code per page. However, you are welcome to display any of the video channels from your AdSense account throughout your site. For example, you can display the NBA channel on one page in your site and one of the Warner Music Group video channels on another page in your site.
* While you are welcome to place a video channel anywhere on a page, we have found from prior tests that video channels perform well when placed above the fold on a page. We recommend placing these video channels where users will be likely to engage with it.
* Content providers may choose to refresh or remove available video content at any time and for any reason. In the event video content is not available, the video player space on your pages will display standard text ads which you will be paid for as normal. You are also free to remove the video channel from your pages at any time during this pilot or change to other video channels.
* Reporting for this pilot is provided for you in your AdSense accounts separate from your regular reports. Please note that reports will be updated every 24 hours. For more specifics on reporting, please visit our FAQ.

Here are some of the channels that publishers will be able to add:
Tower of Rock
Only Hites
Featured Artist Pass
Fresh Clips of the Week
Hip-Hop Hustle
Pop Video Channel
Hip Hop / R&B Channel
The Rock Video Channel
Epicurious Cooking Techniques Fashion Studio