This Infographic Shows the Benefits of Recycling Glass Containers

 - Nov 18, 2013
References: & dailyinfographic
The 'Glass Has Many Lives' infographic comes from FEVE, The European Glass Containter Federation and it highlights just what makes the benefits of glass recycling.

Unlike plastic, glass is comprised of materials like limestone, sand and soda-ash that are naturally found in nature, which makes it so it can be infinitely recycled. As well, glass does not give off any flavor of the food or liquid it contains and it poses no threat to human or animal health.

The FEVE infographic points out that for each bottle recycled, this saves enough energy to power a washing machine or TV for about 20 minutes. In the EU, the glass recycling process is able to save 12 million tonnes of raw materials from being used — to put this into perspective, that's enough material to build two of the Great Pyramids.