Shelby Walsh Unveils Her Top Picks for Girly Tattoos

 - Jan 9, 2013
Body modification artists are coming out with girly tattoos that shed new light on traditional designs. The ingenuity and beauty in these features reinforces tattoos as a legitimate art form and a means of artistic expression.

New York-born artist Amanda Wachob ventured from cloth to skin with impressive results. Her conceptual Bloodline tattoos use distilled water instead of ink to create temporary designs on the skin. The design slowly fades away as the body heals from the needle marks.

Fred Bosch’s The Random Tattoo is a QR code design that can be scanned by a smartphone. Every time it is scanned a different result is produced, including a GIF of head bangers swinging their hair around and recent tweets.

These innovative girly tattoos are breathing new life into body art, and prove that your decision doesn’t have to be permanent.