From Bling Hearing Aids to Rentable Friends

 - Dec 24, 2008   Updated: Jun 16 2011
References: trendhunter
Diamond-encrusted hearing aids, magic pill earrings and luxury dentures: today we hunt: gifts for grandparents!

Don't get caught with bad gifts for grandma and grandpa.  This video of unique gift ideas showcases unique and bizarre gift ideas that will no doubt inspire you in a completely different direction.

Phones for seniors, personal trainers, video games for insurance training and luxury dentures also made the list.  Enjoy!


Implications - The youth generation has been raised on advanced forms of technology and are fluent in their usage; however, other generations have also adopted these technologies. The elderly are often dismissed as technologically incapable, yet this consumer base demands innovative devices to enhance their lifestyles. The technology industry should manufacture products that provide for a wide range of demographics instead of catering to a specific niche market.