This UnitedHealthcare Ad Shows a Young Boy Catch Pink Eye from His Crush

 - Oct 8, 2015
References: uhc & adweek
This ad to promote UnitedHealthcare's coverage plan for unexpected illness sees a young boy get pink eye from his middle school crush. The sweet ad shows that the boy would rather get pink eye than avoid being lab partners with the girl.

The commercial beings with the boy getting ready for school and doodling the name "Maria" in his notebook. Throughout the day he sees Maria but never gets the chance to talk to her until science class. During the class the two students become lab partners and share a microscope, which is infected.

The commercial ends by showing the boy at home with his two siblings who now both have pink eye. The boy's parents are on the phone talking to a UnitedHealthcare representative, who is walking them through the precautionary steps to treat the unexpected medical emergency. While the ad is very cute, the message is that UnitedHealthcare is always available for immediate support.