Get Hip, Get Green

 - Jun 7, 2008
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The shift from plastic grocery bags to reusable totes continues to spread into new regions, and it's the perfect excuse to buy a new accessory. You may not always be able to justify buying a new Dior purse, but an environmentally-friendly shopping bag? Anytime!

Get Hip Get Green has a series of bags that make grocery shopping into the perfect excuse to show your commitment to the Earth and your fashion sense. They

Why settle for an ordinary cloth bag when you can have one that makes a statement? What makes them even better is that they donate a portion of the profits to "The Green Ambassadors," a children's environmental group. A single tote sells for $6, but 10 for $49.80 and 40 for $199.20.

They have three designs, all on black bags. One says, "Get Hip Get Green" in a green font, another says "Love This Planet" in blue and the third is image of a green skull.

Get Hip Get Green also has aluminium bottles, another eco-essential.

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