Charging Audio Jacks

 - Sep 7, 2007   Updated: May 30 2011
References: inflightpower
Finally we don't have to worry about electronics running out of juice on long flights. A company called Inflight Power has built an adapter that pulls power from the audio jack in airplane armrests and makes it usable for any device with a USB jack. The basic model is a mere $34.99 and they also sell bundled packages for Blackberrys and iPod/iPhone.

Implications - With most consumers owning a personal gadget, it's not uncommon for them to use it everywhere -- even in the plane despite built-in TV screens in seats. Not everyone can afford the luxuries of first class, so it becomes all the more important that cabin passengers have the ability to use their gadgets to keep themselves entertained. As the tech industry continue to develop compact electronic items, they also need to produce accompanying accessories for travelers who aren't interested in in-flight entertainment.