George Mohler at Santa Clara University is Making Minority Report a Reality

 - Oct 18, 2011
References: newscientist & gizmodo
If you roughly remember the plot of the 2002 film Minority Report, the work of George Mohler and his associates at Santa Clara University will make sense to you. Though the project may not be as dramatic as Tom Cruise's action scenes, it could be as effective.

The program, built by George Mohler and used by the LAPD, operates on the concept of the 'after shock' effect in criminology; a burglary or theft in an area is likely to trigger other crimes in the immediate location. So by processing the whereabouts of previous crimes, the Mohler's program identifies up to 10 locations in Los Angeles (each approximately 150 square meters) for one of three crimes (residential burglary, auto burglary and auto theft). Squad cars are then notified of those locations and adjust their patrolling habits to include those places. When the cops show up, a car jacking is simply less likely to happen. And voila, you've successfully prevented a crime!