Gavin McInnes Shares Tips on Peeing in Public and Getting Away With It

 - Apr 2, 2011
References: theuniblog.evilspacerobot
Gavin McInnes is a well-known writer and figure in the pop-culture community. In 1994, he founded Vice Magazine with friends Suroosh Alvi and Shane Smith. Although he is not with Vice Magazine anymore, McInnes shows off his creativity by making hilarious videos with film company Last Pictures.

Gavin McInnes has become something of a YouTube star with his humorous instructional videos. His latest how-to film shows people how to effectively urinate in public without getting caught or bringing attention to themselves.

The tactics that Gavin McInnes applies in this video will definitely make you laugh. From using a newspaper to inspecting a car, McInnes gives you sure-fire ways to make sure you can get away with peeing in public.