This Striking Numero Russia Editorial Stars a Sleek Carolyn Murphy

The latest editorial for Numero Russia Magazine features the striking and versatile Carolyn Murphy wearing futuristic minimalist ensembles. Each outfit is entirely white and heavily structured, using A-line shapes as opposed to tapered waists. Murphy's hair is pulled back into a sleek style that creates a futuristic feel. Combined with the all-white minimalist designs prominent throughout the photo series and the overall effect is one of otherworldly modernism.

Photographer Sebastian Kim works wonderfully with model Murphy, using soft front lighting to bring out her angular facial features. Kim also chose to employ a minimalist backdrop showing little more than a stone wall and a couple of plants. This empty background enhances the minimalism of Murphy's ensembles, further highlighting the futuristic feel of this photo spread.

With this editorial Numero Russia is hinting at a rise in white-colored, minimalist fashion. Perhaps the futuristic atmosphere of the editorial isn't so far off after all.